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September 2019: Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

Each month, Delta Beer Lab highlights a nonprofit partner doing work that aligns with our mission.

Safe. Healthy. Strong. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin works to protect access to basic preventive health care for women, men, and teens. Women’s Rights are Human Rights!


Planned Parenthood is an Expert in Women's Health

Providing and protecting health care in Wisconsin for 80 years has made Planned Parenthood a trusted health care provider and community resource:

  • One in five women visits a Planned Parenthood health center sometime during her lifetime.

  • Planned Parenthood has more than four million activists, supporters, and donors working for women's health and safety.

  • Planned Parenthood affiliates provide sexual and reproductive health care, education, and information to five million women, men, and adolescents worldwide each year.

Legislative Advocacy

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin provides outreach to the public about issues relating to women’s health, and mobilizes individuals and communities to make their voices heard in the political process. Specifically, PPAWI focuses on mobilizing traditionally underrepresented communities like people of color, youth, and unmarried women.

Thank you for helping a rising tide lift all ships. Cheers!

Safe. Healthy. Strong. Wisconsin.

Safe. Healthy. Strong. Wisconsin.